Legal Proceedings

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1/27/16  Report of Sale & Distribution – RobertEdwards  Report of Sale and Distribution-Robert G Edwards
2/11/16  Order of Sale – Kory Capps  Notice of Order Aproving Sale-Korey M Capps
3/2/16  Henry & Barbara Patterson Legal Proceedings  Notice of Foreclosure-Patterson, Henry & Barbara
 3/2/16  Christina Henry Legal Proceedings  Henry, Christina-Order Approving Report of Sale & Distribution
3/10/16  Lora Kilgore Legal Proceedings  Notice of Foreclosure-Lora Kilgore
3/18/16  Tom & Bonita Wellman Legal Proceedings  Notice of Foreclosure-Thomas E. & Bonita S. Wellman (2)
4/25/16  Foreclosure Notice – Walter & Norma Raymond  Notice of Foreclosure-Walter L. & Norma J. Raymond
 5/18/16  Notice of Foreclosure Gregson’s  Notice of Foreclosure-George W. & Kimberly B. Gregson
5/24/16 Timothy & Jessica Robinson  Legal Notice  Timothy J. & Jessica Robinson
6/1/16  Richard Kirk Legal Proceedings  Richard Kirk – Legal Proceedings
6/16/16  Gregson – Legal Proceedings  Order Approving Report of Sale and Distribution, Confirming Sale and Order of Possession-Michael A. Gregson
1/19/16  Ryan Cullton & Carrie Boyd Foreclosure  Notice of Foreclosure-Ryan Culton & Carrie Boyd
9/7/16  Timothy J. Robinson Legal Notice  Order Confirming Sale Order of Possession-Timothy J Robinson
10/20/16  Legal Notice Judith Rennecker  Notice of Foreclosure-Judith R. Rennecker
 10/25/16  Legal Notice Lora Kilgore  Order Confirming Sale-Lora Kilgore
11//14/16  Legal Notice Beth Smith  Notice of Foreclosure-Beth A. Smith
12/12/16  Thomas Wellman legal Proceedings  Thomas E. Wellman – Order Confirming Sale 11-18-16