Community Facilities

3.4 – Community Facilities


  1. To enhance the quality of life and opportunity for economic development while providing high quality services in the community.

A quality education system, reliable health care and public protection facilities are invaluable assets to a community. These services are an investment by the community in improving the quality of life of its people and also attracting new residents.


  • All efforts should be made to retain facilities like the hospital and schools in the town.
  • Public protection facilities like police and fire services should be expanded as the community grows.
  • The high quality of schools should be maintained; opportunities for vocational training and higher education should be provided.

Exhibit 3.9 - Illini Community Hospital

Existing Facilities

Health Services

Exhibit 3.10 - Pittsfield High School

The Illini Community hospital is the main health care facility in the city (Exhibit 3.9). It has 59 beds in total and maintains a level 3 emergency room. A 24-hour ambulance facility is also operated from the hospital to serve the community.


Pittsfield has a very good school system, which is a pride of the community. The high school has recently moved into a new facility at the south end of the town (Exhibit 3.10). Pittsfield also has a branch of John Wood Community College with an enrollment of 200 students. Trade and technical schools and four-year colleges are located within 50 miles of the city.

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