Economic Development continued

  1. Attract industries and businesses to the industrial park being developed at the north end and other locations within the city
  • Provide good quality infrastructure to serve the potential businesses in the industrial park.
  • Identify businesses and industries that can locate in Pittsfield and develop an active recruitment program.
  • Exhibit 4.1 - Longhorn Confinement, Inc.

  • Form a visitation committee composed of local residents that can meet with business owners that might want to locate in the city.
  • Market Pittsfield as a progressive community offering a high quality of life. Use the World Wide Web to advertise the assets of the city and its newly built business park to reach a large cross-section of businesses and industries.
  • Build a skilled workforce in the community by providing opportunities for training in technical skills that businesses are looking for in their employees.
  • Create a plan for development of the I-72and US 54 intersection. Although this area is not within the Pittsfield city limits it does offer a unique development opportunity and is the primary gateway into the city.
  1. Develop the tourism potential of the historic sites in the community
  • Promote historic preservation to preserve the downtown character and the numerous buildings related to the Lincoln history of the city.
  • Become a part of the ‘Looking for Lincoln’ heritage tourism program developed for Central Illinois communities by the Tourism Bureau.
  • Develop support services for enhancing tourism like lodging and eating facilities, antique and souvenir shops.
  • Form an active tourism bureau to provide information and to organize tourist activities like walking tours (Figure 4.1).
  • Increase recreational opportunities for tourists by further developing the camping, fishing and hunting activities available in the area.
  • Market tourism in Pittsfield through different public media including the World Wide Web.

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