Geographical Location

Figure 1.1 - Map of Illinois Highlighting Pike County and Pittsfield The city of Pittsfield is located in Pike County in west-central Illinois between the Illinois and Mississippi rivers (Figure 1.1). US Highway 54 (previously known as Illinois Route 107) runs through the middle of the city connecting it to Interstate 72 on the north (Figure 1.2). The closest urban centers to the city are Jacksonville in Morgan county (30 miles east) and Quincy in Adams county (45 mile west). The city of Pittsfield covers an area of approximately 3.6 square miles.
Figure 1.1 Figure 1.2


The topographic map of Pittsfield and surrounding areas reveals that topography is not a limitation for development in the region. Except for a few localized areas, the grade in Pittsfield and the surrounding area is well within the acceptable standards of 15% (The Subdivision and Site Planning Handbook by David Listokin and Carole Walker, 1989).

Soil Type

The parent material of the soil in and around Pittsfield is mainly thick loess with a depth of more than 60 inches. Soil maps obtained from the Illinois State Geological Survey ( show that the soil in this region is the ‘Light and moderately dark (forest)’ type made up of association of Fayette, Rozetta and Stronghurst. The soil in the Pittsfield region is very fertile; this is reflected in the largely farm based economy of the county.


Flood plain maps for Pike County obtained from the Illinois State Geological Survey indicate that Pittsfield is not within a flood plain (Figure 1.4).

Figure 1.4 - Floodplain Map for Pike County
Figure 1.4

Vegetation and Wildlife

Unlike most of Illinois, Pike County abounds in rolling hills, hardwood forests, and streams making it prime hunting country. A public conservation area and some private hunting preserves are located near Pittsfield in Pike County. White tail deer are abundant in the woods. Wild turkey, wild goose, duck and pheasant hunting is also available. Hunting and camping are among the major tourist attractions in the area around Pittsfield.

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