3.3 – Housing


  1. To provide quality housing in quality neighborhoods for all residents.

Exhibit 3.8 - Typical Neighborhood in Pittsfield

Well-maintained homes in beautiful neighborhoods create attractive residential environments that are a great asset to any community. Pittsfield’s residential neighborhoods, appreciated by residents and visitors alike, are one of its greatest strengths. The city should therefore maintain the high quality of housing and at the same time provide affordable housing opportunities.


  • Maintain the quality of the existing housing stock.
  • Encourage new housing construction that contributes to integrated neighborhoods.
  • Increase affordable housing options in Pittsfield.
  • Increase affordable rental housing opportunities, especially single family housing so that people can easily move into the city.
  • Provide housing options for the elderly that accommodate their changing needs as they age.

This analysis presents a picture of the existing housing stock in Pittsfield – the age and condition, availability, affordability and occupancy status are some of the key aspects being considered. It helps in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of housing in Pittsfield and formulating housing policies for the future.

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