Housing Continued

Chart Showing Age of Housing Units as a Percentage of Total Housing StockFigure 3.7 shows that in 2000, 56% of the housing stock was more than forty years old and approximately 13% of the housing was built in the last twenty years. Although visual surveys show that most of the housing in Pittsfield is quite well maintained, the age of the housing stock might present maintenance problems in the future.

Chart Showing Owner and Renter Costs as a Percentage of Household Income
Figure 3.8 shows how long people have been living in their homes. In 2000, although a significant percentage – almost 14% of the people have been living in their homes for more than three decades, the majority of the people (almost 60%) have been in their current residence for ten years or less This is primarily the result of the large proportion of renters (87%) that moved to their current residence in the last ten year. During the same period 47% of homeowners moved. The housing cycle seems to be very dynamic in Pittsfield.

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