3.5 – Infrastructure


  1. To provide high quality utility systems and services in a cost effective manner to promote efficient development in the city.

Infrastructure facilities like water supply, waste disposal and electricity are the basic amenities necessary to maintain healthy and safe living conditions in a community. The availability of these facilities often influences development hence, it is important to plan their expansion to ensure efficient and orderly development in the city.


  • Development should be encouraged along the existing infrastructure lines to minimize costs.
  • The city should not subsidize non-contiguous development by extending utilities to areas that are not adjacent to it.
  • Infrastructure expansion should be planned to keep pace with the growth of the city in accordance with the land use plan of the comprehensive plan.

Exhibit 3.15 - Water Tower

The existing facilities in Pittsfield serve the needs of the city very well. The water supply and the wastewater treatment plants have sufficient excess capacity to accommodate more growth. Therefore in the near future, infrastructure will not be a hindrance to development in Pittsfield.

Water Supply

Water supply for Pittsfield is provided by Lake Pittsfield, which is owned by the city. The water treatment plant is located at the lake and has a production capacity of 1,000 gpm. The water is pumped from the treatment plant to the distribution and storage system, which consists of three elevated water towers. The completion of the newest water tower (Exhibit 3.14) has provided the city with an excess of 1 million gallons of elevated water storage. A booster pumping station near the base of the new tank supplies adequate water quantity and pressure to the city’s growing west side including the new state work camp.


Natural gas is purchased from the Illinois Municipal Gas Company and distributed by the city.


The wastewater treatment plant, on an average day, processes 634,000 gallons of wastewater per day. The facility is designed to accommodate up to 3.65 million gallons of wastewater per day.

Electric, Telephone & Cable

The electricity provider for Pittsfield is AmerenCIPS; the telephone service is provided by Verizon. Cass Cable Television provides cable television service to the residents of Pittsfield.

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