Parks and Recreation

3.6 – Parks and Recreation


  1. To provide a variety of leisure opportunities for the residents of Pittsfield.

Every community needs to cater to the recreational needs of its people; public parks are an important asset in this regard. Parks not only provide opportunities for outdoor recreation to the young and old alike, they also help preserve the scenic character of the city. Therefore it is important to provide adequate park space as well as other recreation options to the people.


  • Expand the present facilities at the parks to make them more usable and enjoyable.
  • Acquire more open space for parks as the community grows. The new parks should be well integrated within neighborhoods and be easily accessible. New parks should be located at a distance from existing parks in order to maximize accessibility to all the residents of Pittsfield.
  • Increase recreational opportunities for all residents. Pittsfields large elderly population is an example of a group that may require special consideration.
  • Organize open-air festivals in the central court of the downtown.

Exhibit 3.15 - King Park

The Pittsfield Park Board maintains four parks – Lowry Park, King Park, Little League Park and Pittsfield Lake. The parks are well maintained and provide amenities for the residents of the city as shown in Table 3.3. . King and Lowry Parks are well integrated within the city and are more accessible than the other two parks. Pittsfield Lake is too far from the city to be used as a daily amenity by its residents. However, Pittsfield Lake is more than a neighborhood park – it is an outdoor recreational area that attracts campers hikers and nature lovers.

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