Parks and Recreation continued

King Park

Pittsfield’s public swimming pool is located in King Park. King Park also provides lighted tennis courts, horseshoe courts as well as picnic and playground facilities. The park’s centerpiece attraction is the lighted fountain and reflecting pool.

Exhibit 3.16 - Lowry Park

Lowry Park

Lowry Park, located on the south side of Pittsfield, features sand volleyball courts, basketball, shelters for picnics and playground equipment for children.

Pittsfield Lake

Exhibit 3.17 - Pittsfield Lake

The 200-acre Pittsfield Lake is located within a 480-acre park north of the city. Lake Pittsfield provides a wonderful area to observe and enjoy nature. The lake also provides the Pittsfield area with a prime recreational area offering boating, fishing, camping, hiking, picnicking, tennis courts, softball diamonds and general outdoor activities. The camping area is equipped with treated drinking water, electrical hookups, public telephone, lighted areas and a trailer dumping station.

Little League

The Little League Park is located at the eastern edge of the city. It provides sporting facilities with its two baseball fields and playgrounds.

Table 3.3 Parks and Facilities

Table 3.3 Showing Parks and Facilities Located in the Parks

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