Plan Implementation

Section 5: Plan Implementation

The success of the comprehensive plan depends upon the support of the community and their willingness to implement it. The comprehensive plan in itself is a policy document outlining a vision for the future of the community. It provides the basis for the formulation of land development codes and capital outlay plans that work together to help achieve the vision for the community.

The following implementation strategies are being suggested for the comprehensive plan of Pittsfield –

  • Adopt the future land use plan as a Regulating Plan that works as an overlay over the existing zoning map of the city.
  • Adopt a comprehensive development code for Pittsfield based on the concepts of the ‘Smart Code’ developed by Duany Plater-Zyberk and Co. This new code would guide development in accordance with the philosophy of the comprehensive plan and would consist of the following components (The Lexicon of New Urbanism, version 2.0, 1999)

Urban Standards

A combination of text and diagrams that affect those aspects of private buildings which affect the public realm. The urban standards vary according to the zoning categories of the Regulating Plan. The urban standards define the streetscape, encouraging the provision of certain building types and frontage elements, which influence social behavior.

Thoroughfare Standards

A combination of drawings, specifications and dimensions that describe vehicular and pedestrian pathways in term of both capacity and character. These specify roadway and sidewalks widths, planters, street trees and street- lights and furniture. These descriptions range from urban to rural and are assigned to the appropriate locations in the Regulating Plan.

Architectural Standards

These standards specify the materials and configurations permitted for walls, roofs, openings and facades of buildings to produce visual compatibility among the different building types in a zone.

Landscape Standards

These standards contain a list of plant species with instructions regarding their location and planting pattern to achieve a coordinated landscape pattern that is harmony with the regional ecosystem.

Use Standards

These standards describe the type of use permitted in each zoning category. The uses include residential, lodging, office, retail and manufacturing with an emphasis on mixed use wherever possible.

  • Appoint a development review committee to ensure that new development in and around the city takes place in accordance with the goals of the comprehensive plan.
  • Formulate a Capital Improvement Plan for the maintenance and expansion of community facilities and infrastructure in accordance with the guidelines of the comprehensive plan.
  • Encourage the Main Street program and historic preservation endeavors in the city.
  • Market the progressive vision that Pittsfield has to attract businesses and residents into the city and to maintain a thriving living environment.

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