Street Network within the City

  • The overall quality of streets and roads within the city should be maintained.
  • New development should be well inter-connected with the existing street network and it should allow future development on adjacent lands to be integrated to the network. Street stubs should be provided in development adjacent to open land to provide for future connections.
  • Excessively long streets without intersections (as in the eastern and western ends of Washington street) should be avoided to adequately disperse traffic flow.
  • Buildings should provide spatial definition and respond to the street at a human scale.
  • Tree plantation along streets should be encouraged to enhance the appearance of the neighborhoods and to make the streets more attractive for pedestrians and bikers.
  • Sidewalks should be provided along all roads within the city except rural roads especially near the new high school to enhance pedestrian safety so that people can walk and bike to destinations.
  • Besides enhancing walkability, the mobility of the people who cannot use private automobiles (especially senior citizens) should be increased by attracting a taxicab service to the city.

Existing Transportation Network

Exhibit 3.6 - Pittsfield Penstone Airport

Access Routes to the City

As mentioned earlier, the most convenient access to Pittsfield is by road. The city is within 3 miles of Interstate 72 and is served by US 54, Illinois Route 106 and County Route 3/ Dutton Street (Figure 1.2).

The closest rail connection to Pittsfield is to the Norfolk & Southern Railway located 9 miles north of the city at Griggsville. The Gateway Western Railway system is located 20 miles south of Pittsfield at Pearl. Pittsfield is also served by a local airport, the Pittsfield/Penstone Airport located one mile from the north edge of Pittsfield along US Highway 54. The Penstone airport has a 4000-foot long runway and offers charter service as well as refueling facilities (Exhibit 3.7). The nearest commercial airport is 45 miles northwest of the city at Quincy. The nearest international airport is 100 miles south at Lambert Field, St. Louis, Missouri.

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