The Future Land Use Plan

3.1b – The Future Land Use Plan


The future land use plan is a proposal to achieve development in accordance with the goal of preserving and enhancing the historic development pattern of Pittsfield. To accomplish the goal, a new approach to zoning based on the concept of ‘transects’ (developed by Duany Plater-Zyberk & Co.) is being suggested for Pittsfield as an overlay over its existing zoning.

The ‘transect’ is a natural ordering system that organizes a region to form a coherent and gradual transition from the denser town core to open rural areas. The continuum of a transect that extends from the town core to the rural edges of the city, is sliced or divided into zones for administrative convenience (Figure 3.4). Zoning based on the concept of transects does not segregate uses as in conventional zoning. Instead it promotes mixed uses and focuses on integrating diverse uses by bringing together compatible building types and densities in the different zones. Incentives rather than regulations and restrictions are used to encourage this type of development. The following transect zones have been identified for the city of Pittsfield on the future land use map (Figures 3.5 a and b)

Figure 3.4 Showing Town Core and Center, Neighborhood General and Edge, Rural and Districts

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