Transportation and Thoroughfares

3.2 – Transportation and Thoroughfares


  1. To develop the entrance corridors to make animpressive and attractive entry into the city.
  2. To design thoroughfares as an important public space that interconnects the city to provide alternative, safe travel paths for automobiles as well as pedestrians and to provide transportation options besides the private automobile, to the people of Pittsfield.

The best access routes to Pittsfield are the highways connecting it to the interstate network. These highways form the first impression of the city therefore it is important to maintain them as attractive entrance corridors. The first goal of this section aims to achieve this for Pittsfield.

Within a city, the local streets are the main public place, interconnecting its different parts to form an integral whole. Street layout and design influence the physical structure, accessibility as well as the appearance of the city. The second goal is therefore to design the street network within Pittsfield such that it contributes towards creating a coherent physical structure, enhances connectivity, and provides a pleasurable traveling experience to both motorists and pedestrians.


Entrance Corridors

  • US 54 on the north and west end
  • IL 106 on the east end
  • Dutton Street on the north
  • Good signage should be provided to aid new visitors.
  • Buildings on either side of the highway should be well maintained; unsightly structures should be shielded from direct view by landscaping buffers.
  • Trees should be planted on either side of the highway to create an attractive avenue.

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