Exhibit 3.2: Brown Shoe Factory

  • New development should be well integrated with the existing neighborhoods and respect the historic development pattern of the city.
  • New residential development should contribute towards forming diverse, compact, walkable neighborhoods.
  • Peripheral/non contiguous development should be discouraged; infill and contiguous development should be encouraged.
  • Strip mall development along Washington Street should be discouraged; new retail should be attracted in the CBD; or as infill development (the site of the brown shoe factory for example in Exhibit 3.2). Retail uses that cannot be accommodated in these regions but are identified as beneficial to the economic base of the city should be sited close to the center of the community and integrated with other uses if possible.
  • Building styles should not conflict with existing buildings.
  • Historic preservation – the town square and its buildings, other historic buildings should be preserved and promoted as tourist attractions.
  • The central importance of the CBD should be maintained – the downtown should be revitalized by attracting retail, service and residential uses and encouraging the already active Main Street program in Pittsfield.

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