Pig Days

Date: July

Community: Pittsfield

Details: Pig Days is held the second weekend in July on the Court House lawn in Pittsfield. Pig Days was created many years ago to celebrate the fact that Pike County Illinois was the Hog Capital of the World. Many activities, such as pigtail contest, pig skin throw and pork cook off contests are held on the court yard, plus several vendors are present on the Court House Lawn to celebrate Pig Days. Today the tradition continues even though the hog population is more confined to buildings rather than open fields.  The Pittsfield Lions Club is the sponsor of this event.   The contact person is Kaye Iftner, Executive Director of the Pike County Chamber of Commerce.   The telephone number is (217) 285-2971 and e-mail address is: info@pikeil.org.  

For more information:

Please contact: Kaye Iftner
Phone: 217-285-2971